Tug Master Course

A tug or more commonly a tugboat is a secondary boat which helps in mooring or berthing operation of a ship by either towing or pushing a vessel towards the port.

A tug is a special class of boat without which mega-ships cannot get into a port. Along with the primary purpose of towing the vessel towards the harbour, tugboats can be engaged in the purpose of providing essentials such as water, air, etc. to the vessel.

Tugboat eases the maneuvering operation of vessels by forcing or tugging them towards the port. Mega vessels can never be maneuvered by their own. Also, with the increased size of the boat, they need tugboats to carry some of their domains and tow them through narrow water channels. Also, tugboats become essential elements for non-self-propelled barges, oil platforms, log rafts etc. These are small rather powerful boats due to strong structural engineering behind them.

Their propulsion system is the main reason behind their enormous strength. Some secondary functions of tugboat along with easing mooring operation are listed below:

  • They can work as salvage boats and icebreakers.
  • These can also have fire fighting accessories so as to provide fire fighting assistance in port or barges.
  • These are the most important marine element, as they act as saviour to the boat in hard times such as in narrow canals and bad weather, but on contrary, the most neglected one in the maritime industry.