La Stella Gulf is a global conglomerate operating across diversified segments in training and consultancy, digital technologies and asset integrity.

La Stella Gulf offers a range of high quality services and turnkey solutions through global vision and expertise, providing our clients with the power to move forward with the most comprehensive goals and challenges faced by industries today. We are a multidisciplinary and globally oriented business development company, driven by performance and developing sustainable practices. We are a Saudi company with an international network through cooperation with international companies, including sister companies of La Stella Group, Italy, T.R.N, T.E.C and C.O.N

We thrive to add value to communities, organizations and individuals through state-of-the-art applications and processes world-wide in compliance with latest global requirements in cross industries.

  • Total Solutions Provider for Maintenance, Inspection and Technology services.
  • Deliver best-in-class, sustainable and customer centric services in specialized markets.
  • Focus on innovation and industry best practices to deliver value adding and diversified services.
  • Play a leading role to develop, transform and grow energy, oil & gas, chemicals, maritime, military sector and infrastructure.

Commitment to results

Well known for our commitment for long-term business. Offers cutting the edge solutions, expert services, tailored for sustainable results.

Whether implementing a continuous improvement process or advising management strategies, we are committed to deliver tailored solutions that lead to excellence and new opportunities. Our experts are located across the world to help your organization become a viable world class entity.


Sustainability Development

We are committed to results and adding optimal value, we work with clients in respect of optimization of their people, assets and processes.

Combining comprehensive insights the latest innovative technologies and the experience of industry leaders and experts, we drive ventures and operations to achieve sustainable growth and create new worldwide opportunities with a verity of industry professionals from all over the world. We offer tailored development with the capability to face the most complex challenges and requirements in order to create and improve groundbreaking business solutions. We are always interested in expanding our global family with experienced local and international ventures.


Be a preferred excellence driven business partner to the energy, oil & gas, maritime, chemical industries and Military sector globally


Deliver innovative and unrivalled products & services through winning partnerships and create optimal value for the ecosystem in which we operate


Follow highest standards

Manage resources wisely

Deliver best results

Walk the talk


Strategic Focus and Priorities

  • Extend market presence in KSA, especially in the field of maritime, energy, oil & gas and navigation
  • Nurture partnership and venturing with suppliers, customers and other performers in the market to service the big scale requirements of the regions upstream and downstream
  • Implement sustainability practices and circular-economy based business models as form of strategic differentiation and creating competitive edge
  • Promote digitalization and automation in the industry by introducing smart technological solutions
  • Connect economies and nations to leverage knowledge and innovation power

Deliverables to Ecosystem

  • Clients High quality Products & Services to customers to operate safely, effectively and manage crisis
  • Employees Safe jobs, collaborative working environment with focus on competency development
  • Shareholders Profitable investment in sustainable business
  • Suppliers Long-term win-win relationships and business opportunities
  • Joint Venture Partners Joint forces and trusted business partnership
  • Governments Help to realize their visions and achieve socio-economic goals
  • Society / Community Provide employment, contribution to societal and charitable goals

Contribution to KSA 2030 Vision

  • Enhance competitiveness of the energy market
  • Grow contribution of renewables to national energy mix
  • Create and improve performance of logistic hubs
  • Improve local, regional and international connectivity of trade & transport networks
  • Develop economic ties with the region beyond GCC
  • Develop economic ties with global partners
  • Ensure alignment of educational outputs with labor market needs