Search & Rescue

Search and rescue (SAR) is one of the Coast Guard’s oldest missions. Warding off the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage by helping boaters in distress has always been a top Coast Guard priority. Coast Guard SAR response involves multi-mission stations, cutters, aircraft, and boats linked by communications networks.

The objective of this course is to train the personnel assigned to duty in Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC/RSC) to perform standardized search and rescue planning in both oceanic and coastal environments, to give the necessary practice to patrol vessel’s captains in conducting the role of on-scene coordinator and the necessary training to the traffic controllers, port services as pilot and boats Captains.

This training also strengths the total SAR capacity in the Gulf region and increase the co-operation between States pursuant to Chapter 3 of the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, classroom and simulator will be in International Maritime Safety and Security Environment Academy and the course is base of Italian coastguard stander and IMO.