Operational Risk Management Training Course

Management level

One Week

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Dammam

The access to the course is reserved to the officers who prove to held documented positions of responsibility both at central and peripheral level on a continuous basis for at least 3 years in the last 5 (Operational level).

This training course is designed for officers engaged in any capacity on command as part of the personal awareness to be used in decision making in operative tasks.

The aim of this course is to develop the risks awareness of key people in different decisional position of an organization. Furthermore, a complete description of the approaches to prevent identified risks will be shared with the trainees following the most updated international standards. A particular attention is dedicated to operational risks.

Syllabus (modules)

Introduction to Risk Management
Definition of risk management, areas and sectors of application, international approaches to risk management.

Strategic Risk Management
Risk management in a complex organization, benefit for the countries, the community and the entity itself. Top management and strategic decisions relevant to risks prevention.

Risk Assessment and GAP Analysis
Processes analysis Risks identification, (mapping), evaluation (qualitative and quantitative risks analysis), identification of risk processes and risk areas. Identification of people responsible for risk areas. Analysis of internal control system.

Cross Services Risk Management
Identification of cross services processes and relevant risks, control tools.