Maritime Accident Investigation Procedure

This intensive course, based on IMO Model course 3.11, is aimed at assisting the national marine accident investigation authorities in ensuring uniformity and consistency when carrying out investigations into marine casualties and incidents. The course addresses the effective implementation of the provisions of SOLAS regulations I/21 and XI-1/6 and the related IMO Casualty Investigation Course. The course provides insight into what is required when conducting casualty investigations, supporting the investigator in the field and what an investigation should achieve. After a review of the international background relating to the investigation of marine accidents and incidents, the course addresses the procedures required to support a marine casualty investigation in accordance with IMO requirements. Techniques for collecting, analysing and reporting are explained together with follow-up actions.

With the same approach will be introduced general requirements for aviation accident investigation based on ICAO standards.

The course is structured with the following modules:

International instruments and Organizations, Purpose of accident investigation, Analysis and investigation strategy, Casualty investigation code, Use of Equipment in accident investigation, Methodology of investigation, Data collection and interviewing, Investigation reports.