ISPS-International Ship & Port Facilities Security Code

This course, based on IMO model courses 3.20, 3.21 and 3.24, as integrated by “Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code” (2012 Edition), is designed for maritime security, coastguard and law enforcement specialists and aims to encourage the sharing of experiences of the application of ISPS Code requirements and related procedures and methods. The training focuses on the difficulties encountered by States when implementing the ISPS Code and the identification of possible solutions to these challenges. The course will cover all relevant measures aimed at enhancing ship and port facility security in the face of threats posed by intentional unlawful acts. Security requirements, as adopted by IMO, will be analysed as well as the requirements for setting up national maritime security measures. The course will also address the preparation and assessment of security plans for ships and ports and includes field trips on board ships and in port terminals.