Digital Technologies

Most industries globally recognize the enabling role of digital technologies in innovation, improving efficiency, and igniting growth. Digitalization provides opportunities for transformation across multiple business functions, but more importantly, it builds a foundation for further value creation. While digitalization is transforming most industries today.

Many businesses who determinedly initiated digital technologies, have passed the proof-of-concept stage and are now in a pilot stage or partial scaling up and deploying digital solutions on various sites or functions of the company, those which made better progress include upstream oil and gas, aerospace and defense, chemicals, and high-tech companies.

In the GCC region, companies are increasingly using digital technologies to unlock new sources of competitive advantage, growth, and value. On a macro-level, the GCC governments have acknowledged the economic and social benefits that going digital can bring and have developed ambitious plans and strategies. These include but are not limited to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan 2020 (which also covers the digital space), Smart Dubai, Qatar’s Connect 2020 ICT Policy, and Oman’s digital strategy (e-Oman). The development of digital capabilities is becoming more and more urgent in various industries in the region. Many of the industries and organizations agree that Industry 4.0 is one of the most impactful trends and CEOs and company leadership are the driving force behind the digital transformation.

La Stella Gulf specialized in the Research & development in the information technology domain. As  Industry 4.0 (4iRs) takes off in the 21st century, we provide full support  through Technology Benchmarking, building the Information Technology Infrastructure, developing solutions and easing organizations Business Process, supporting your organization to deploy targeted digital solutions.

In most of the businesses, making the transition to Industry 4.0 means major shifts in their organization’s platforms, including new forms of IT architecture and data management. Recent data shows that more than one third of global companies (about 37%) admit this is a challenge for them. Industry 4.0 requires existing technologies and installations to be adapted and in some cases need entirely new IT infrastructure. We merge the knowledge of Governance, Business Process, Strategy and Compliance with the latest practices in the information technology to support the research & development of new FinTech/Echo System solutions with sustainable growth. One of the unique services we offers is the 4iRs Bootcamp that is focused on the middle management and the executives to gain the latest knowledge in the Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data in order to allow the top management lead their business using the latest tools successfully.

La Stella Gulf is an innovation-driven venture long experience in deploying agile technology solutions for enterprises across the globe.

Specialized in developing a wide spectrum of innovative AI, IoT & Blockchain solutions customized to customers unique enterprise needs.

End-to-end delivery model accelerates business outcomes replicable at scale and highly differentiated user experience. Provides advanced Technology and Smart Business Solutions

Develop and empower employees in the organization to move from transactional driven to a data-driven and customer centric organization and ensure business continuity at any time.

We work closely with our clients to innovate and apply the best technical and business solutions using emerging and mainstream technology

  • Research & Development
    • Turning ideas & concepts to a working model and final product
  • Build Capability
    • Build and transfer knowledge & skills required At fast track
  • Digitalization & Industry 4.0

What La Stella Gulf Offers?

Take advantage of our augmented, virtual reality & Simulation service to take your brand, company or Organization to the next level.
Our world-class VR/AR Engineering and creative teams work with you from concept creation through the critical design and development stages, before creating a bespoke application that will transform your business and make your industry sit up and take notice.

How we work

We start by discussing the challenge you want to solve or the objective you want to achieve.
Our aim is to create a project that meets your goals and utilize the best platform or software solution for you.

We follow the below process and focus on your development goals and User Experience requirements:

  • Consultation
  • Project Planning & Management
  • 3D Art Production & Programming
  • Reviews and Revisions
  • Testing

What we do

We aim to become the ideal partner for those wishing to adopt an UpToDate simulations system doe training, operation, Research and development and risk management, by proposing an as service business model.

We support the customer during the whole solutions implementation; from the definition of their needs to the configuration and installation of the most suitable product in relation to their requirements, up until the creation of dedicate scenarios.

Why choose us?

Simulation as a Complete Service
Instrument availability, know-how, and methodology for the training of new professionals.

Cybersecurity & Machine Learning
Assimilation of cybersecurity related problems including machine learning tools.

Complex operative scenarios that can answer to our customer’s real needs.

Advanced Simulators
A more advanced use of different kinds of simulators to benefit security standards and procedures in a business environment


in Ministry of Defense, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Health & Safety

Maritime and avionic simulations

Search and rescue operational simulators

Warehouse and supply chain simulations

Land vehicles simulations