Asset Integrity

Owners and operators of large industrial assets operate in complex and volatile markets such as the oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy or nuclear industries. Often reliant on natural resources, substantial financial investments and complex processes, these industries and especially the oil and gas market are also at risk for accidents affecting human health, safety and the environment. This makes safe and reliable operations in this industry a top priority.

In the oil and gas market and in the petrochemical industry, operators are confronted with an increasing number of new strategic, technical and economic challenges.

The reasons are clear: equipment is aging, technological requirements are constantly expanding, markets are volatile, public environmental awareness is acute and serious security threats from cyber-attacks are increasing. For the owners and operators, this means focusing on:

  • Improved process safety, environmental and security protection
  • Understanding the Safe Operating Envelope
  • Optimized asset operation: risk reduction and improved asset integrity inspection and maintenance management
  • Skilled personnel

Furthermore Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety are all aspects to be considered to maximize the assets’ performances. To work in an effective and efficient way, protecting at the same time people and environment, is necessary to adopt an accurate and professional approach based on RAMS methodology.

La Stella Gulf can support your organization to manage your assets properly with multidisciplinary teams of international experts. We can assess your organization to create or update processes and procedures to properly manage your assets as well as we can assure a wide range of inspections services based on a Risk Based Inspection approach.

Inspections and maintenance correctly planned and executed following international practices such as API-RBI can significantly reduce the high-risk items.

Process engineer, NDE and HSE experts, Corrosion and material engineers, RBI analysis expert and software interface experts can support your organization to determine the correct inspection frequency.